Monday 30th April

Double Island provided a very rolly anchorage for the night, not too much sleep was had. We pulled anchor after a nice breakfast of bacon, mushrooms and eggs and headed for the Wide Bay Bar. Wide bay Bar (sandbar not the pub) is the entrance to the Great Sandy Straights that runs between the mainland and Fraser Island. The bar shifts constantly and is guarded by rolling waves on either side. After contacting the local Coast Guard we were sent a list of entry points, we entered these into the GPS and proceeded to the first point at high tide. Unfortunately a group of breaking waves had formed in between the first and second point so we decided to take the path a catamaran has just trekked in the opposite direction. This proved to be a rough ride for a minute or two as Caree went through some white water but we made it. We headed up the Great Sandy Straight and found an anchorage in the calm waters of the Kingfisher Bay Resort and spent the night in calmer waters. A great sleep was had by all crew.

Fraser Island Barge