Old fuel filter setup

Old fuel filter setup


Caree has a  parallel pre fuel filter and parallel fuel filter setup allowing one filter to be used while the other is on standby. A great system. We had changed to the standby filters in rough seas the previous night. I changed the clogged pre filter out the afternoon we arrived at the marina. The job proved difficult due to the hard aged fuel line. The lines had turned so hard I was worried about them cracking with the vibration experienced in the engine bay.

It was then decided to renew the pre filter assembly with good quality fuel line and fittings. The hunt was on. Yepoon is the closest town to Rosslyn Bay. The marina has a marine shop attached but unfortunately didn’t have the parts I required so it was off to visit Cooee Bay Marine (very helpful,  had some parts and advised us where to go for more),  BCF (nothing we needed), Super cheap (again nothing we needed), Rosslyn Bay Diesel (most of what we needed and very helpful)  and Sea Breeze Marine (had the last required part). All this was conducted in the Great Keppel Marina’s free courtesy  car. The marina staff were excellent, always polite and helpful. The marina also had excellent facilities at a reasonable price. The attached Waterline Restaurant was also very nice.


I rebuilt the pre filter system with all new parts and fired up the motor. All went well.

New pre filter setup


Keith cooked a great barbecue that night and we prepared for an early departure.

BBQ Steak and veggies for dinner