Hope Island was a windy but comfortable anchorage to spend the night. A nice pancake breakfast was cooked before pulling anchor and heading North towards Cape Flattery. It was again nice sailing weather with the Job and reefed mizzen sails flying, we averaged over 7 knots in the morning and 6.3 knots for the afternoon rolly seas.

We saw many islands, cargo ships and fishing trawlers. As we approached Cape Flattery a motor yacht was on a direct course for us and did not attempt to alter course so after 15 minutes I altered course and set a course to pass safely. Only 200 meters from our bow he altered course directly towards us and we had to take evasive action. We could not see any one at the controls so assume it was on autopilot.

The rest of the trip was a nice sail. We dropped anchor in the Cape Flattery mine port area and cooked some pizza for dinner.

Tomorrow is a rest day at Lizard Island 20 nautical miles North East of Cape Flattery.