10th July – Anchored in the King George River overlooking the waterfalls. Incredible beauty here.

11th July – Hiked to the top of King George Falls. What a spectacular view. Was well worth the climb. Nice swim. Gathered fresh water and anchored at river mouth.

12th July – Departed King George River at 5am into light winds and seas. Built to nice winds and currents for the 95nm leg to Parry Harbour.

13th July – Lovely feed of Spanish Mackerel hooked up and lept out of the water higher than the shark. Unfortunately shark still got a feed and a hookup. Set free.

15th July – Our first sighting of whales off the Kimberly coast.

Caree anchored at one end of King George River and the crew at the top of the twin falls. Mark, Nadja, Andy and Jens.