Caree was splashed back into the water on Monday morning after the anti foul.  First time I have guided a full keel boat into a marina pen. A bit like driving an oversized semi trailer. It was a bit nerve wracking, however I managed to guide it in first go without taking out any of the surrounding boats.

Cataloguing of all the items on-board has started, there are more than a thousand items on-board. There are truck loads of spare parts, books, charts, tools, resins, paint and anything else to be self sufficient when weeks from the nearest help. It has already paid off with finding items. All the items are added to a spreadsheet and using the find function I know where it is on the boat instantly.

Work continues on adding items for comfort and safety and generally getting Caree ready for long distance cruising. At this stage we will be leaving in favourable conditions after Saturday lunch or early hours of Sunday morning and heading North.

Today was a shopping trip for non food provisioning, Bluetooth Stereo, USB drive, fishing rods, gaff, spear gun, tools, wind generator and much much more.

Although some items will arrive tomorrow, unfortunately some will arrive after we leave. These will need to be forwarded up the coast possibly to Cairns.

Tomorrow is food provisioning 10+ days of food for 4 hungry guys.



This evening Rod, the previous owner, and I went for an evening sail out into Morton Bay, a magic cruising ground South East of Brisbane. I raised the Main, Mizzen and number 2 head sail and we sailed out to Green Island and return, dropping the sails at the leads into the marina.  Starting to get used to the handling of Caree, reversing into the berth was a bit less nerve wracking. Hopefully we will get time to go for another sail tomorrow.