Champagne Sailing Conditions

Strong winds blew us northwards to Cairns where we could switch off the engine and still maintain speed needed to sail round Australia quick enough.

In fact we had to reef up to try to reduce strain on helm and auto pilot system. Too much wind was activating warning on helm and disengaging auto pilot which was particularly inappropriate when sailing through Great Barrier Reef at night with accompanying large cargo vessels doing 25 knots to our 7 knots! Ask a friend to overtake your car in an articulated lorry at more than 90mph when you are doing 30mph and it will give you an idea of the threat to life and limb!

There was one universal quaint way to cope with a repeatedly failing auto pilot system – switch it off and switch it back on again!

How do you IT guys get away with big bucks for nothing? Criminal really! Watch our premier stretch of wonderful sailing to Cairns.